Tag: Spell


  • Vicious Mockery

    Vicious Mockery

    Enchantment cantrip

    Casting Time: 1 action 
    Range: 60 feet 
    Components: V 

  • Disguise Self

    Disguise Self

    1st-level illusion

    Casting Time: 1 action 
    Range: Self 
    Components: V, S 

  • Mind Pain

  • Dimension Door

    Dimension Door

    4th-level conjuration

    Casting Time: 1 action 
    Range: 500 feet 
    Components: V 
    < …

  • 3rd-level necromancy
    Casting time:
    Casting time: 1 minute
    Range: 10 feet
    Components: a …

  • Death Touch

    1st level Necromancy

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    Casting time: 1 Action
    Range: Touch
    Components: S